How Do You Stik Your Pik?

Stik n Pik is being used with great results by electric and acoustic players, steel guitarists and even washboard players. It will give you a great grip on a flat pick, will hold finger picks on better and even works with thimbles.

Getta Grip!

Stik n’ Pik is a new specially formulated, high performance guitar pick gripping aid. It leaves no oily residue! Very conveniently packaged in a tube so you’ll get just the right amount every time. Stik n’ Pik is made to improve all your styles of playing, from the beginning guitarist, to the intermediate and professional guitar players. Guitar teachers have found it especially helpful with their young students.

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Dab a small amount on your fingertip ~ or on the guitar pick itself ~ and you‘ll get superior pick control, and may never drop your pick in the middle of a song again. You will quickly enhance your guitar playing and confidence with Stik n’ Pik, whether performing blindingly fast runs, intricate chord changes, or learning new songs. Keep one in the guitar case and one ready at all times on your microphone stand with the cool Stik n’ Clip.

The premium all natural formula of Stik n’ Pik will help your guitar playing be a cut above the rest. Never greasy or messy, and you’ll get over three hundred applications from one tube.
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How Do You Stik Your Pik?

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